Hi there ! I was raised on a rural farm with my 3 sisters and 2 brothers in the Capay Valley (situated to the north-west of Sacramento). As with most farming families everyone pitches in, ours was no different – each day we would all be out working on the farm from dawn to dusk. Homeschooling allows certain privileges!

Here is where I was raised:

Every month we would take our produce to the local farmer’s market which was a heck of a lot of fun I can tell you. As a kid, no regular school and getting to hang out with our friends from other families when our parents were working there was awesome. We’d just grab some fruit and run off somewhere to chill and get up to all kinds of things.

We learned to appreciate the value of quality ecologically-safe produced fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs and meat. This upbringing has stayed with me into adulthood. As the movement for  Organic produce became more publicized we knew all too well what a difference quality food (fuel for your body) can make. If I eat trash these days I feel crappy. Back to my “real” foods I feel vibrant again. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I wanted to write this blog to reminisce about the good old days growing up in Capay Valley – these days I live in Orange County, CA. Good quality farmer’s markets while not plentiful and thankfully available in OC if you know where to go. I usually can be found selling at this Farmers market in Santa Ana – the produce there is fantastic.

These days I am a neat, clean freak and a ganola guy.  So I figured, why not create a blog about passions for home farming and maintaining a clean home?

I have a small-holding here in OC. We have chickens and grow veg and fruit to sell at markets here. We attend 3-4 markets here per month and let me tell you they are becoming more popular. Forget the nasty shelves at supermarkets – sure you can get some decent food at certain supermarkets but you really do have to do your homework. Not all are created equal.



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